Are you facing an error in WordPress which is saying that “Missing Temporary Folder”? The missing temporary folder issue is found something when you are trying to uploading any media file in your WordPress website. 

It is a painful and disturbing issue, I think so. I have to waste a lot of time on this. However, finally, I have got its solution but I have to spend huge time for this. So, if you are also facing the same issue on your website, I am here to assist you to stop wasting your time. 

Let go to start finding the solution for Missing Temporary Folder error in WordPress.

Where you will find Missing Temporary Folder Error?

Basically, you will find this missing temporary folder error in your WordPress website when you are trying to upload any media file in your website. Sometimes you may face this same issue in case of installing and activating any plugin in your WordPress website.

missing temporary folder
Missing Temporary Folder

Due to this error, it will stop of uploading any media file or sometimes it will stop of installing and activating any plugin in your website. 

So, before fixing the issue, let’s go to find out the reason for showing this such kind of error.

What causes Missing Temporary Folder Error?

If we analyze to find out the main cause of this error “Missing Temporary Folder”, we will find that the main fault is in the PHP settings. Due to incorrect PHP settings in WordPress Hosting Environment, this issue is caused. 

PHP setting allows defining a temporary folder which is used by applications like WordPress. The store data are stored in the desired location of the temporary folder. 

This temporary folder is needed when you are trying to upload a media file like an image or something like this. Even in case of uploading or updating theme or plugin, this temporary folder is needed.

Fixing Missing Temporary Folder Error

Now we are at the point of fixing the error of Missing Temporary Folder in WordPress. For this reason, we have to edit the wp-config.php file in WordPress. You can find it on your website Cpanel. You can use any FTP clients or you can follow Cpanel. Just navigate in Cpanel and go to the wp-config.php file. 

missing temporary folder
Edit wp-config File

Now you just need to paste the following codes in wp-config.php file. 

define('WP_TEMP_DIR', dirname(__FILE__) . '/wp-content/temp/');

You can see that there is a temp folder name in the above code. So our task has not finished yet. Just a simple step is needed to finish now. 

Simply access to the wp-content folder in WordPress and create a folder called temp. Done. You have finished your job and the issue is fixed. 

The issue is not fixed yet!!

Sometimes, if the issue is not fixed although you have done the above task. Then this step is really a very sad and disappointing step. You have to contact your hosting provider to fix the PHP settings. 

If your hosting provider becomes fail to help you, then you will take a backup of your all content and images. Finally, reset your Cpanel as a fresh installation like a first time.

Then the issue must be fixed. 

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